Vacuum grippers for lifting solid workpieces from Lineartec

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Lineartec Oy sells and delivers vacuum grippers from Ylöjärvi to Finland and Europe. Vacuum grippers are suitable as lifting aids for almost all solid workpieces.

Our products

With the built-in valve mechanism of Lineartec vacuum gripper, it can lift both small and large workpieces. We also supply cellular rubber for all gripper models.


Lineartec vacuum grippers are also ideal for electronic load balancers. They enable the handling of heavy and uneven workpieces. The load balancer, on the other hand, ensures ergonomic and effortless load handling.

Lineartec 1314.72.74.HV
  • Lineartec 1314.72.74.HV
  • Gripping area 1314x72 mm
  • Lifting capacity -300 mbar = 45 kg.
Lineartec 1323.114.74.VV
  • Lineartec 1323.114.74.VV
  • Gripping area 1323x114 mm
  • Lifting capacity -300 mbar = 145 kg.
Lineartec 1323.209.74.VV2
  • Lineartec 1323.209.74.VV2
  • Gripping area 1323x209 mm
  • Lifting capacity -300 mbar = 260 kg..
Lineartec 1323.253.74.VV2
  • Lineartec 1323.253.74.VV2
  • Gripping area 1323x253 mm
  • Lifting capacity -300 mbar = 300 kg.

We manufacture custom-length vacuum grippers according to customer needs. Also take a look at our vacuum pumps.

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We manufacture vacuum grippers that facilitate lifting of solid workpieces. Contact us for more information about our products!

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