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Lineartec Oy is a vacuum gripper manufacturer from Ylöjärvi, Finland. Our goal is to make all our customers satisfied by ensuring that our products work exactly as promised. Countless hours of product development and constant testing has made it possible it for us to give a full guarantee for our products to work as promised. 

Lineartec Vacuum grippers can lift almost all kinds of solid objects. Our grippers are used in lifting wood, metal, electronics and much more. We have special grippers for lifting tubes, bags etc. 

Call or mail us and ask more about our solutions. You can leave a request for an offer here!

Lineartec Oy

Verstastie 6
Tel. +358 (0) 40 960 8288

nino.nuutinen [at] lineartec.fi

You can find videos of our vacuum grippers in various applications here!