Vacuum handling equipment

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Vacuum handling equipment

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Vacuum handling equipment

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Lineartec Oy manufactures and sells vacuum products. We deliver the products from Ylöjärvi to all over Finland and Europe. Our vacuum grippers are suitable for lifting almost all types of solid workpieces.

Suitable for a wide range of workpiece handling

Our vacuum grippers are used for lifting various items, including logs, cans, boxes, and many other products. Our products are particularly suitable for handling challenging workpieces. With the same gripper, you can handle different-shaped workpieces, and with gripper groups, you can lift weights of several tons. When you want secure and reliable workpiece handling, Lineartec vacuum grippers are the right choice!

Brochure about vacuum grippers

Customer-oriented solutions

We strive to discover optimal solutions for seamless component handling, hand in hand with our valued customers. Embracing every challenge with enthusiasm, we have successfully devised numerous cutting-edge answers for even the most intricate scenarios.


At our core lies an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We have diligently invested countless hours in refining our grippers, ensuring unwavering performance. With an unwavering focus on product development and a continuous stream of rigorous testing, we proudly offer a comprehensive operational guarantee for our esteemed grippers, subject to fulfilling specified conditions.


Feel free to reach out and delve deeper into our extensive range of products and services! Alternatively, you can submit a request for a quote using our convenient online form.

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You can watch more videos of our grippers in different applications here .

New products

Lineartec MaxCap Cobot Gripper

Lineartec MaxCap Cobot Gripper

Alipainetarttuja yhteistyöroboteille (Universal Robots, Techman, Omron jne.).


Download the brochure about the MaxCap gripper .

Lineartec-bag holders

  • Lineartec bag holders for lifting a wide range of bags
  • Shaped grips for lifting round and curved objects.



It can be used, for example, with a chain hoist and a vacuum gripping handle.

Our business strengths


High quality products

​We sell and supply high quality vacuum maintainers and their accessories.


​Fast and reliable service

​Deliveries are fast and reliable throughout Finland and Europe.



Unlocking possibilities, we assist in discovering optimal solutions for you.

Gain peace of mind in workpiece handling with our vacuum products.

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