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Vacuum Grippers

Lineartec 1314.72.74.HVC

Area gripper

Lineartec 1323.114.74.VV

Foam gripper

Lineartec 1323.209.74.VV2

Vacuum gripper

Lineartec 1323.253.74.VV

Foam gripper

Lineartec 2000.253.74.VV2

vacuum gripper

Pictures of our grippers in various applications:

lifting massive timber wood gripper lifting wood pipe gripper

Lineartec MaxCap Cobot Gripper

Vacuum gripper for UR
  • Vacuum Gripper designed for cobots (Universal Robots, Techman, Omron, etc.) 
  • An amazing lifting capacity of 16 kg while weighing only 460 g
  • Can handle almost all kinds of solid objects

Lifting Device- Grippers

Lineartec 250.253.74.HV

Vacuum gripper for lifting timber
  • Single point attachment with a rapid connector
  • Gripper size  250 x 253 x 74
  • Gripper weight 7kg
  • Lifting capacity 100-280 kg
  • Vacuum -330 mbar ⇒ -900 mbar
  • Suitable for lifting single or several units at a time
Lineartec 651.114.74.HV
Vacuum gripper for manipulator
  • Single point attachment with a rapid connector
  • Gripper size 651 x 114 x 74
  • Gripper weight 7 kg
  • Lifting capacity 115 - 320 kg
  • Vacuum -330 ⇒ -900 mbar
  • Suitable for lifting long objects
Vacuum gripper for Binar Vacuum gripper for Indeva